What We Do

Quipment is an orchestra of like-minded, ambition driven individuals, that work passionately together to build a working structure that translates to superior quality Technology. At its core, Quipment is a product-based company that started with building solutions for Fleet Management and now, in addition to that, provides Data Analytics and IT Infrastructure services, among others...

 Data Analytics

A strong division and an expansive team that excels in building and providing Data Insights and Data-driven Analytical models for businesses

 Mobile Applications

One of the oldest Teams with fierce and highly experienced professionals that specialise in developing Legacy Products as well as Innovative Mobile based Application development with Industry Leading quality Standards

 IT Infrastructure

With numerous State of the Art IT Solutions, Quipment boasts a platter of customer centric IT and Infrastructure services that help organisations boost productivity and achieve long standing goals

 Web and Software Development

Being the most visible asset of the organisation, web development is a key aspect of our company and our visionary team - that loves challenges and makes the most complex of applications seem like a piece of cake - expects nothing less

What We Use

We are building product for next decade, so it is very important that when we build our product latest tools and latest technology. Want to have a quick look on which technologies are being used to develop our product; let's have a look!

 Microsoft Stack

Being Microsoft Gold partners, we strongly support use of legacy tools and technologies for developing our products. C# and Dotnet is at the core of our development life cycle and if your belief is the same, we would love to talk.

 Data is the new Gold

With evolving technologies, we have data that is also constantly evolving which gives rise to a team that strives to always learn. We are always on the lookout for smart professionals that are eager to learn.

 Database Solutions

The heart of any organisation, the base for a robust and a self-evolving ecosystem. With SQL and NoSQL technologies to store large sized datasets, it is not an easy task - are you looking for something challenging too? Join Us.

 Android Programming

Every Android developer wants to work in a fast-paced environment with latest tools and state of the art integration infrastructure along with immense opportunity for personal growth. Are you ready to get your mind blown?

Tools only does not help to build and deliver product nicely. What processes are being used also very important. We want to provide faster delivery and with automated process. Certainly, there would be lot to learn about this.

 Automated Deployment (CI/CD)

Fast paced development leads to the necessity for rapid delivery to end users. With multiple platforms working together, how to we do it? Join us to know!

 Show your Agility

Agile methodology is the best suited methodology for long term development with milestone-based achievements. Have an eye to the future? We have that in common. Join Us!

 Project Management

How is it possible that an organisation manages projects from multiple platforms, various tools that work with data from numerous source points? We have done it and would love for you to contribute! Apply now!

 Security and Privacy by Design

What is a perfect product? One that is free of vulnerabilities and that protects and respects the privacy of its users. With that in mind, let's get together and make products that our users can trust.

Why Quipment

Want to work with some of the best minds in the industry? Can't make up your mind? You have the right to know why you should join us!

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David Parker


Ettle Halsey


John Neo


Monica Wood


Monica Wood



Some wonderful words our employees have for us...

It's been about five years working at Quipment and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally.

Reeya Gajjar
Reeya Gajjar (Sr. Developer)

Started my journey since 2020 in Quipment. Joined as a Senior Engineer, Today working as Tech. Lead. Quipment gives a freedom to try your hands on a latest technology at your pace and onsite opportunity.

Milan Vadaliya
Milan Vadaliya (Tech Lead)

Having spent over 6 years in the organization, I can confidently say that the work environment, freedom of research and selecting technologies to use are rare qualities to find in an employer in.

Malhar Desai
Malhar Desai (Project Lead)

Having spent over 11 years in Quipment in IT Administration and been given numerous on-site opportunities, I can gladly say, my career grew tremendously as Quipment provides absolute freedom to learn and use the latest technologies out there in the IT and Security field..

Dhyanesh Mehta
Dhyanesh Mehta (Sr. System Administration)

I have spent more than 7 years with this organization and always observe that good bonding between different teams, great work culture, High employee morale, with this things Organization also provides good exposure and onsite opportunity through interacting with international clients..

Karan Parmar
Karan Parmar (Sr. QA)

Working with Quipment has been a very enriching experience. Good work, amazing work culture and a wonderful team are the perks you get being with Quipment.

Sudha Pisharody
Sudha Pisharody (Project Coordinator)

I joined 6 year ago as a fresher. I truly feel, I got the best place to start my career. The company gives you opportunities to grow professionally and personally.Great work environment, supportive management.

Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel (Sr. Developer)

I joined Quipment as a Software Engineer and 9 years down the line, despite several setbacks, I am a tech-lead with extensive experience in my domain. To Quipment, that stood by me

Dipak Timba
Dipak Timba (Project Manager)

Fun @ Quipment

We work when we don't play at all… but when we play, we play hard!

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